Deploying Drones for
the Enterprise

drone kit

Drone Kit

Retrofit your battery-powered drones with the Drone-kit to start using the Skysense Charging Infrastructure. The Drone Kit includes a charger and a wiring kit with spring-loaded contacts to be installed on the landing gear.

charging pad

Drone Charging Pad

Charging the batteries is as easy as landing on the Skysense Charging Pad. The Drone Charging Pad’s wide landing area provides autonomous, high-efficient, and balanced battery charging during stationing.



Hold your drone inside the Skysense Droneport while charging and stationing. Weatherproof with IP44 protection level, provides a perfectly flat surface for optimal flight experience during landing and takeoff procedures.

cloud software platform

Droneport Fleet Management

Manage and monitor your fleet of Droneports online and benefit from additional services including predictive maintanance, bridging of drone telemetry, telemetry black box, and data stream/download in the cloud.

Scalable Deployment Infrastructure for Commercial Drones

Skysense is an infrastructure for the remote deployment of commercial drones, enabling businesses in the security and inspection markets, to build autonomous drone-based solutions at scale.

charging pad for drones

Autonomous Charging

High-efficient compatible battery charging system to recharge the battery without human intervention.

Watherproof Protection


Protection against inclement weather conditions with Weatherproof IP44 protection level.

Drone Charging Station

Equipped With Sensors

Internal cameras, lights, acoustic and thermic sensors for manual and automated remote drone inspection.

Droneport Fleet Management

Deploy your Droneports in the field. Manage missions from the office.


Manage your fleet of Droneports and Charging Stations using the web dashboard and API.


Predictive maintenance, unauthorized access detection, remote monitoring of internal temperature and humidity.


Integrate your mission planning and analytics platforms using the API, extend the capabilities of the Droneport.

oil pipeline inspections

Oil, Gas & Energy

Inspect Pipelines, Oil Rigs, Power Lines in remote or hard to reach locations, saving transportation and staff costs.

construction drones


Start remote flight missions anytime, monitor the progress in the work site and produce 3D field maps.



Complement CCTV cameras by allowing for immediate response in outdoor and indoor surveillance systems



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